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Onyx Rearm Inflatable PFDs

Rearm An Inflatable PFD

Don't Hope For The Best. Prepare For It.

All Onyx inflatable life jackets are U.S. Coast Guard approved and provide paddlers, anglers and boaters with plenty of advantages over more traditional life vests. Inflatables are low profile, comfortable, deliver superior in-water performance and ensure high visibility when inflated. These life jackets rely on inflatable chambers that provide buoyancy when inflated. And while they require a little more maintenance that traditional vests, inflatables can be rearmed in the event of inflation and are quick and easy to repack with a new rearming kit.

Rearming Basics

Understanding Your Inflatable Life Jacket

Use these quick tips to refresh yourself on the meaning of the letters and numbers found on your inflatable life jacket

  • Dark Mode Rearming Kits

    Manual, Automatic/Manual, and Automatic

    This represents the inflation style of your vest: automatic, manual, or automatic/manual convertible.

  • Dark Mode Rearming Kits

    16g, 24g and 33g

    This number represents the weight (in grams) of the CO2 cylinder contained within your inflatable vest.

  • Dark Mode Rearming Kits

    All Clear & In-Sight

    A quick way to ensure your inflatable is properly armed. Green means it’s ready to go, while red means service is needed.

Rearming Kits

How To Rearm Your Inflatable Life Jacket

Find your vest style number, watch the corresponding video and get your inflatable rearmed and ready to go.

Rearming & Repacking M-16 Belt Pack

Rearming & Repacking M-24 Belt Pack

Rearming & Repacking M-24 In-Sight Belt Pack

Rearming & Repacking M-24

Rearming & Repacking M-24 In-Sight

Rearming & Repacking M-33 In-Sight

Rearming & Repacking A/M-24

Rearming & Repacking A-24 In-Sight

Rearming & Repacking A-33 In-Sight

A/M-24 All Clear and A/M-33 All Clear Life Jacket Overview - Rearming and Repacking

Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed information on our inflatable life jackets, how they work, and proper maintenance, check out our frequently asked questions below.

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